“When your job requires you to be ready for anything, you don’t want to leave your training to chance.  Primo Built will get you strong and functional, fast!  Whether it’s hand to hand combat, power or speed, Scott and Jason cover it all!”

            -Detective Charlie Simonelli, LBPD

“I’ve worked with lots of great strength coaches and trainers; Scott and Jason are at the top of the list.  Primo Built will bring you to the next level!”

            -Darian Barnes, 9 Year NFL Veteran

“Strength, mind, character and body; Primo Built builds all of this and more.  I train 3 times a week at Primo Built.  I started this program 6 weeks ago to become mentally and physically stronger for baseball season.  Before Primo Built I had no clue how to lift weights the proper way.  Every workout your reps get marked down and both trainers make diets for you to build proper muscle.  For example, before I came I could not squat over 100 lbs., but now I’m at 225lbs.  These are the kinds of changes they make.  I am going to continue to train with these men because they make a huge difference in my life.  When you walk through the door at Primo Built your life has already changed.  They don’t make your body stronger, they make your life better.”

            -Daniel Valerio, Red Bank Catholic Baseball

“I was given personal training at Primo Built for Valentines Day by my wife.  It turned out to be the best gift she ever gave me.  I weighed 245 pounds and was very out of shape when I first started.  Jason is my trainer.  He got me to lose 66 pounds within the first 9 months and help me maintain at about 50 lbs down for years to come.  These guys, Jason and Scott are great.  I wish them much success.”

             -Steve Tiger

December 16, 2011 I walked into Primo Built to get information about hiring a personal trainer.  I was greeted by Scott who explained how training works.  I was quite direct about what my goals were.  I wanted to build muscle and lose weight, however, I would only train once a week for a half hour, have no motivation or desire to do any exercises at home and will not change my diet and give up junk food.  After he stopped laughing he realized I was dead serious.  In spite of my goals, he took me on as a client.  A friend of mine said "choose a trainer who will push you but also be perceptive enough to know when your hurting and when to stop.  A trainer must be able to listen to his clients".  Well this is Scott!  He is very much tuned into his clients and knows exactly when I'm trying to manipulate him or when the exercise is more than I can handle.

Within two months, I started kickboxing and as the months went on, I went from a half hour a week to three hours a week.  After three years of living on devil dogs and a lifetime of eating junk food, he has managed to change my diet, slowly converting me to paleo.  He has not given up on me despite my weekend binge eating and my weight fluctuating every week.  He is patient, tolerant and genuinely cares about his client's health and fitness.  He is passionate about what he does and it becomes apparent not only in how he trains but also in how he makes himself available to his clients on his off hours.  His easy going personality and his sense of humor makes the sessions enjoyable along with his support and encouragement.  For example he would say to me "you broke a record this morning, it only took you nine minutes to curse at me".  All kidding aside, this experience has changed my life, not only physically but emotionally.  Training is both a body and mind experience.

Today I am on my last day of Reset. It took Scott several weeks of "boot and stroke" to convince me to do this.  He said I would not be hungry. He was right.....again.  Thank you, Scott, for being supportive and encouraging.  Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to the limit, for being patient and tolerant, for showing me that I can go beyond my own expectations.  Your a good man Charlie Brown!

    -Diane Harth